Friday, April 22, 2011

Year End Projects

Here's some stuff I worked on near the end of this past semester. Everything here was handed in as a final in the very last week of the school year.
Oh the shed....I had to redo the entire render to submit in the final week. It could have been worse, though. There were a number of my classmates who lost important files to data corruption, right before everything was due.
Anyways, this is the perspective view.

....and this is the exploded view. I designed, modelled and rendered this shed from scratch and for the most part, I'm happy with it.

I didn't know where I was going with this project, but it turned out a little better than I expected. It still needs a lot of work, and everything I learned in this project I'll translate into future work

In graphic design, the year end project was to design a logo for an up-scale coffee shop, including icons, size variations and different colour schemes. I'm really happy with the end result in it's simplicity.
This is the real coffee shop I modified.
These are branding concepts.

This is the "in setting" render of my 3D modelling final. It's a toaster that folds out into a panini press. The point of the project was to design and model a hybrid invention. We also needed to animate it and put it into a graphic presentation.
So I'm glad that the summer is upon me, but also a little sad that the year is over. I know I'll get to see all my friends again on a regular basis in september, but it feels like these are gonna be the longest 4 months ever.
MEH. Enjoy!